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Tony Fesi

Associate Broker/Recruiter

1983 Graduate from the prestigious School of Business at Indiana University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing with concentrations in Phycology, Speech and Computer Science. I spent almost 3 decades in Corporate America, with Careers in Marketing of IT before it was known as Information Technology, Financial services where I ran the state of Indiana for a Cincinnati Based retirement planning company that specialized in non-profit companies and later in the Security’s business. Lastly, in the international automotive distribution business that worked directly with manufactures.

I ventured into the Real Estate Investor world in 2006 with the 1st of several successful Rehabs or Retail Flipping as it has become to be known. This continued until 2009 with my last Retail Flip in Noblesville. 2014 will be a year that I will reenter the Flipping game with a new partnership. 2007 became a Member of CIREIA or Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association. After a few years of learning I became the 1st ever Membership Ambassador and served in the post for 2 years, then later became elected to the Board as Membership Chairman from 2012~13. During this time I have taught several special classes, and mentored many students. 2014 I will serve as a Focus Group leader in the strategy of Wholesaling. To date I have flipped, assigned or sold close to 100 single-family & multi-family homes in Central Indianapolis

I continually invest in my education and have spent thousands of dollars in various Real Estate courses with many Nationally recognized experts in advance strategies such as Wholesaling, Land-lording, Rehabbing, Probates to name a few. I earned my nationally Recognized Professional Housing Provider designation in July of 2012 with over 450 hours in training when only 60 were required. I became an Associate Broker in 2013. Although I do not have much “Retail” experience by servicing the non-investor home buyer I feel that my learned skills and knowledge will allow me to provide excellent service and to provide creative approaches for hard to solve problems or needs that others haven’t been able to address by conventional methods.

Many know me as a great Networker and that has earned me the nickname as “Mr. Network”, I am the one that many turn to for answers, or are in time of need. I have raced Motocross in my youth, along with racing 125 MPG go-karts and under SCCA a Formula 500 open wheeled racer. I love to dance and even taught Ballroom and Latin Dancing back in “the day”.