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Julie Fogle

Associate Broker

Julie Fogle was born and raised in Indiana. For over 32 years she has worked in the real estate arena. Most of those 32 years were in the mortgage industry. She has worked as a loan processor, assistant in the appraisal department, Loan Officer, Branch Manager, Underwriter and Account Executive.

During those years she completed educational training for DU/LP, Martin Freedland Management Course, FHA Direct Endorsement Certificate, Appraisal 101 & 102, Training on MPCA to project out 5 year budgets.

Upon leaving the mortgage industry 4 years ago she became a full time real estate investor. In 3 years she has managed to purchase 16 rentals and has flipped over 20 homes. One of her favorite accomplishments in investing and rehabbing homes is to bring the home back to life and help improve the neighborhood. Investing is a great learning curve for not just real estate knowledge but working with all walks of life. Julie works with buyers, sellers, investors and banks.

Her wish is to combine and utilize those skills in finance and real estate to be a great tool to help negotiate the best deal for her buyers along with helping them convert “want to have list” to their “have list.” She guides her sellers to transform their home to look the best it can for quicker sales.

On a personal note Julie volunteers for Meals on Wheels. She loves to work out, golf and spend time with her husband and grandkids. Oh yeah and her husband would like everyone to know she watches a lot of HGTV!!!